The Saga of Kitchen Remodeling in Pandemic

 I can't believe Sridevi and myself have thought about the kitchen remodeling and postponed it several times, because of varied reasons (could be money, have no idea what to budget even a ballpark range, preparation work, whom to chose and several others, the list continues on and on), this time, maybe it meant to happen.  In October. Started to search for contractors who can do it and whom to find out. Just like many others in I started the search in several social media apps and started conversations with a few friends and recommendations of persons. As the weather was nice during this time, I started to ask whoever I meant during the morning walks. Collected few names and started calling. It turns out, everyone that I called is not available due to everyone is so booked no one has free time.  I wanted to document this journey.  By the end of November, we have narrowed it down to 2 companies. RSI Kitchen and Bath and Cabinets and Granite Company.  Sat down with both companies for